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pokemon tower defense logo bullshit

2011-07-10 01:32:45 by Genocide

trying to get sam to use my logo for pokemon tower defense because his current menu is trash


Might have a different pokemon sprite from the game appear at random in the open pokeball of the logo.

pokemon tower defense logo bullshit

don't mind me

2011-07-06 19:55:57 by Genocide

penis penis penis

flash junk

2011-06-15 20:53:58 by Genocide

I haven't animated in ages, and have no future plans to start any animations. That said, i DID open up flash and do about an hours worth of test animation work using emotions and such. Check it out? 30f683d2d04d5a97f9903a8285a1f6

Let me know what you think?

Also, ponies.

flash junk

and i want it to be 8-bit, any artists interested PM me or reply here.

here is a concept of what the "cut scenes" will be like.

sort of in the style of "the room tribute" that was release recently.(see front page)

so i want to make a dexter game.

my hobby is..

2010-09-05 00:42:29 by Genocide

I like to eat the chickens and things


2010-07-31 03:16:10 by Genocide

hi guys


Pixel Prophet 2: Dark Days preview ALPHA PART 1

2010-07-30 23:02:09 by Genocide

Hey guys, just wanted to let people who cared take a sneak peek at the alpha stages of PP2DD. There are no enemies in the game thus far, but you can already see that the pause menu screen has a shit load of options (for performance reasons) and that you can now double jump. Also, effects have been enhanced and the visuals are slightly better. take a look.

NOTE: there are particle effects going on in this video that you can't really see do to youtube standards and the video not being in HD. The blocks do shed particles when shot, and your bullet even has bullet cases flying out of it.

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check back every so often for more videos as i progress

omg easy medals

2010-07-29 16:50:53 by Genocide

Hey guys, i just release "Pixel Prophet", a simple retro platformer that has medal support. So if you're a medal whore(you sick fuck) then check it out, because the medals are super easy IMO.

super important news

2010-07-01 13:52:22 by Genocide

homeless again for the second time in 2 years, how all you guys doing?

this is just too cute!

2009-09-03 23:55:33 by Genocide